“Advertising really works -  it boosted sales 100% in the Knutsford area” Dan, Monster Junk

“We’re always getting enquiries from the leafleting we do in the Directory which is great! We have found it really easy to organise our leaflets in the directory due to the great service received”, CG, Spencer Weston

 “The advert has been really successful; very pleased with results”, CR, Tatton Garden Services

"As a fledgling business covering the Knutsford area it is important to target your marketing resources where they will be most effective.  The Knutsford Directory has provided a steady flow of new clients that would otherwise not have been able to be targeted through other media campaigns.  A number of new clients have informed me that they first noticed my services whilst looking through the latest edition and kept me in mind until they were ready as they always kept hold of their "handy local reference guide", which, they say is very much trusted and my appearance in such a publication also seems to have benefited from that trust.  TN, Oven Wizards

“I've had such a great response from it that I am nearly full at the moment” KS, Saxophone teacher

“I am very happy with the responses I have received from my advert. The extra business is more than covering the cost of the advert plus I have received repeat business from customers who originally saw me in The Directory. I would recommend advertising in The Directory to any business seeking to attract new customers in Knutsford and Mobberley”.  Chris Wright, Joiner

“I want to thank you for the business the advert has brought. I have had some good responses and several more enquiries which may lead to business in the future. I will certainly continue advertising with you.”  TG, Help for PC Users

“Revive! have been advertising with the Knutsford Directory for over a year now, and have monitored closely the results we get, as we do with all the advertising we do. The Directory is a very cost-effective advertising route for us, producing a steady stream of high quality leads, and helping us raise public awareness of our service (mobile car body repairs) in the area considerably.”  DB, Revive!

I would like to emphasise how pleased I am with the frequent enquiries I have received since advertising in The Knutsford Directory.  I have found it to be a most effective way of advertising as it has a greater retention value than most other forms of advertising.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to advertise in your publication and I wish you much success in the future. LM, Fit4Life, Knutsford

“I would like to say that I am very happy with the service you have provided. You are flexible and easy to talk to and it has been a pleasure doing business with you. We were particularly pleased with the loose leaflet drop and with the feature articles you did for us. We have recommended you to some of our clients starting up business in Knutsford as a very affordable and effective way to advertise”.  MD, Lester Dominic Solicitors

“I have had a great response from my first two adverts so I am very pleased - the Directory has proved to be a gold mine for me - thank you.” LV, Foot Health Practitioner